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January 2011



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becka_shell in send_a_journal

I think i'm 'thinking' too much about this... =P

I bought a journal today (actually I got two - one with lines, one without)
 Both are about 6"x8". But the black one (the art diary) has blank pages whereas the brown is the lines one. Which one do you think??

I feel silly asking this, its just youve done this before and although i really like the lined one.... well it has lines. Lines can ruin the art.
Feeling stupid ,
- B


Never, never, never allow yourself to feel stupid. I don't think I have ever actually met a really stupid person. Maybe ignorant, uneducated, or unknowledgeable about a particular subject, but stupid? Nope. When you start thinking that, then your brain does start to believe.... so STOP!

You are definitely over thinking. This should NOT be a stress factor. It's fun and doesn't matter whether your journal has lines or not. It's whichever you prefer. Now, I have several journals, for different things. Art only is a sketchbook. Lists, thinking out loud type of thing one is a basic lined composition book. There are doodles and a bit of art in there and the lines don't matter. The one I am working out of is lined on one side only, which provides space for art and writing, but it does present a problem if I want art on both sides. I get around that by painting, or inserting a blank page on top of the lined one. With all that being said.... pick a journal that YOU like. If, when I have it in my possession, I feel compelled to art up a two page spread, I can damn well figure out a way around the lines. I have journaled my whole life and I can honestly say that the lined journals vs unlined is not a real debate to me. I just grab one and start writing. :) Isn't that what it's all about?

Again, which one do YOU like? Doesn't matter why, just hold both of them, open them, feel the pages and the weight. Which one feels better? Which one do you see yourself writing in?
i shall blame my 'line vs not lined' craziness on my exam stress. I like to blame things on exam stress- not cleaning my room, not helping with dinner, not getting places on time...

okay lined it is. so yes, you shall have to 'damn well figure out a way around the lines'.
Your writing amuses me, cant wait to read your entries